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The suitcase or 7 things

by Stephanie Marie Roos
„In this suitcase you can put all the stuff you´d like to bring when you visit me“, Daddy said. After that, he moved house.
Now Daddy is living alone.
Leo wishes to be together with Mum and Dad in their house.
„That doesn´t work anymore!“, Mummy said.
"Pack your seven things, on the weekend you are with me."
Daddy said on the phone and laughed.
So Leo grabbed his stuff.
Leo had already been to the new apartment with Daddy.
It was big and empty and white and cold.
And Leo had not seen a bed for himself.
His bed wouldn´t fit in the suitcase.
Here is Grandma´s knit blanket.
She had knitted for him and it was a little scratchy on his skin.
„You can wrap yourself in it until only your nose is peeking out!“,
Grandma had said.
So Leo packed the blanket in his suitcase.
Suitcase and blanket: one and two.
Leo was not comfortable with the idea of nowhere to sleep
and pressed his teddy to his face.
„The bear will beat up all who won´t be kind to you!“, Tim had said.
Tim is Mummy’s boyfriend.
Perhaps the bear would beat up the monsters, which were making those horrible noises at night.
So Leo packed the teddy bear with the blanket in his suitcase.
One, two and three.
„Don´t forget about packing some clothing Leo!“ Mummy called.
Exactly- the new sneakers!
„They´re looking nice!“, Emma had said at kindergarden.
And then Leo wondered, if Emma and would marry him,
he would always wear those sneakers for her.
And they would always stay together - Emma and him.
So Leo packed his sneakers with the bear and the blanket in his suitcase.
One, two, three and four and five.
Now he just needs his toiletries out of the bathroom.
Here it is: his bathing boat.
„You are the captain on this boat!“ his aunt had told him.
Leo never would take a bath without it.
Never, because in the bathtub there were nasty little holes beneath the bath plug and when you pull it out, the bathtub swallows all the water.
So Leo packed his bathing boat with the sneakers, the bear and the blanket in his suitcase.
One, two, three, four, five and six.
Leo did not know anymore who had given him his bottle.
Probably he had it forever or Mummy had given it to him.
Without his bottle Leo couldn´t fall asleep at all.
And he didn´t want to know, how this might feel, because he knows the night to be as big and black and as vast as the universe.
So Leo packed his bottle with his bathing boat, the shoes, the bear and the blanket in his suitcase.
One, two, three, four, five, six and seven.
Daddy came on Saturday morning and they drove through whole the city,
past Leo´s kindergarden, past Emma´s house and past the park.
And Leo didn´t recognize the houses anymore and they all looked the same.

„Didn´t you plan to bring your suitcase with you?“, Daddy asked.
Leo was shocked!
Where was the suitcase with the blanket, the bear, the shoes, the bathing boat and the bottle?
But in Daddy’s apartment there was a smell of delicious baked apples with honey, raisins and almonds.
And Grandma was there.
„For the housewarming!“, she said
And Leo forgot that the apartment was large and empty and white and cold.
And that he did not know where he had left his suitcase and his 7 things.
In the evening Daddy didn’t send Leo to bed immediately.
Instead Leo sat next to Daddy and watched TV.
And when there were horrible noises coming from TV,
Leo moved closer to Daddy.
„These noises aren´t real at all!“ Daddy said then, laughing.
And Leo forgot, that his bear could beat up monsters,
because Daddy could do this if needed.
And he also forgot, that he couldn´t remember
where he left his suitcase and his 7 things.
And when Leo wanted to go to bed, Daddy said:
„You can sleep in my bed, then I won´t be alone!“
And they both were able to see the stars through the window in the roof.
And Leo forgot, that he didn´t have his blanket to wrap himself in and his bottle. And that he forgot that he didn´t know where his suitcase and his 7 things were and immediately felt asleep.
On Sunday Leo helped Daddy to renovate the apartment.
Daddy said he could paint his room however he wanted.
„You are my great son.“, Daddy said.
And in this moment Leo forgot to feel sorry that Mummy and Daddy couldn´t live together. And that he didn´t know where he had left his suitcase and his 7 things.
When Daddy had brought him to kindergarden on Monday morning, Leo realized that he did not wear the sneakers that Emma liked. And he still did not know where he had left his suitcase and his 7 things.
However, when he saw Emma standing in front of him, grinning, he understood, that it didn´t matter at all, because he felt her liking him even without sneakers.
„How was the weekend with your Dad?“
„Cool! And I didn´t need my suitcase at all!“
„What suitcase?“, Emma asked.
„Oh, it doesn´t matter!“, Leo answered.
For now Leo understood, that things that really matters could not be stuck in a suitcase.