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"new ceramics", issue 2/2021

In the current issue of "neue ceramik", Simone Haak and Joke Doedens, who have been running the Terra Delft gallery in the historic city of Delft (Netherlands) for over 30 years, describe the exhibition of my very current works, which can be seen in their gallery from April 10th .

Solo exhibition "Magical Reality"
Terra Delft Gallery
Delft, Netherlands
April 10, 2021 to May 8, 2021

The portrait series shown in the exhibition is inspired by the novel "Killing Commendatore" by Haruki Murakami.

““For a long time I had carried the idea around with me of giving a concrete form to Murakami’s books. You might say he is my literary role model. I am fascinated by
his clear narrative style, his precision, the vividly portrayed characters, always with very precise descriptions of their clothing, yet at the same time with the surreal and the magical elements. I admire the complexity and freedom in the selection of the motifs, the ease with which he writes a story that plays in contemporary Japan and how at the same time he sends the reader on excursions into world history and uses motifs from art history, mythology and fairy tales. I only realised that I was in the midst of this project and that it would not be an illustrative work after a series of portraits. I had taken the path of Murakami’s protagonist, the nameless portrait painter.”

The KLEI magazine, Netherlands, 02/2021
published an article about my work and the upcoming exhibition.

A digital copy you can order here.