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Keramiksymposium Römhild

07/31 until 08/28/2022 – XII. International Ceramics Symposium Römhild "The Power of Art"


The exhibition of the works selected for the 18th international ceramics competition of Carouge, offers a broad panorama of contemporary ceramic creation, focusing on an imposed theme:
Both technically and metaphorically, alchemy and ceramics have always been closely related. But the practice of alchemy, which once aimed to transmute lead into gold, today calls into question the notions of success, wealth and the provenance of precious metals.
Bling-bling? It is this process of questioning, in the form of onomatopoeia evoking the sound of gold chains rubbing together, which was addressed by numerous artists in the context of the International Ceramics Competition of the City of Carouge. The works selected are brought together in an exhibition that opens the doors to a lurid, flashy universe, while also addressing the subject in its critical dimension.

The works selected will be exhibited in the Musée de Carouge from 17 September to 11 December 2022

Musée de Carouge
Place de Sardaigne 2, 1227 Carouge GE, Switzerland


If you like to see my work in person, you´ll find the original pieces in these galleries...

Galerie am Dom Wetzlar/ artherb Bad Nauheim

Terra Delft, Netherlands

Majolika Karlsruhe

Galerie Bollhorst